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Advertentie naam: nikon d700
Omschrijving: We are importer & exporter dealers on all kind of brand new digital camerasuchas nikon lens,nikon camera,canon lens,canoncamera and so many more at very cheap price with its complete accessories. All our company products comes with 1 year International Warranty,and 90 days return policy Immediately After Delivery Directly To Your Doorstep.....
We are good in selling to bulk buyers and also individual buyers...
We have lots of items available for sale now, if you are interested
in purchasing any one of them; kindly check on our prize list

If you are interested in our product kindly send us an e-mail with your
inquiries to the company email address below.
Contact mail:::

Chat with us on::
SKYPE: rahman_marketstore
HOTMAIL: abdulrahman_marketstore
Prijs: 1000
Foto: Foto Foto Foto
Datum plaatsing: 18-04-2011 19:26:50
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Naam: rahman
Telefoon nr: 000000000000000
Plaats: alibaba
Provincie Groningen
E-mail adres:
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